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Victorian Style
Shaker Style
Ledge & Brace
Cottage Style
Modern Design
Contemporary Design
Classic Glazed
Grey Coloured Doors
White Primed Smooth
White Primed Textured
Louis Style
Period Pitch Pine
Edwardian Style
Colonial 6 Panel Style
Walnut Internal Doors
Pine Internal Doors

flame Internal Fire Doors FD30

bullit-blue Internal French door /
    Room Dividers
    Standard & FD30

'' Internal Bifolding Door    Pairs for 24/27/30/33"    openings
   (White primed Colonial also     available as a 36")

'' Internal Multi Folding     Sliding Doors

'' Internal Pocket Door     Systems FD30 single &     Double

'' Internal Pocket Door     Systems Single &     Double

External Folding
   Sliding Doors

"" External Single Doors
   & French Door Sets

Door liners - Solid Oak
   (Internal Frames)
   Standard and FD30

Oak Architrave

Oak Skirting boards

Oak Window boards

Handforged Door Furniture


bullit-blue Easily make french doors    from single doors
Oak Pair Maker for  making french doors form single doors

Standard Delivery Charge
£39.00 + VAT
Conditions Apply

Please Note:
For costing purposes all French Doors Sliding-Folding Door sets count as one item.



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We choose our doors very carefully to bring you the best

Internal Door
Explanation of Descriptions

Please note:- That unless specifically stated all doors are supplied unfinished and without door frames/liners, architrave and door furniture.
Hamiltons Special Volume Discounts
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Hardwood Senator Kent Diamond Glass Room SettingSenator Hardwood internal Doors



Click on images below for more information

The Senator range of hardwood interior doors

Is a collection of eye-catching, inspiring, single leaf options, including several incorporating distinctive diamond bevelled glazing, guaranteed to add flair and individuality to any room they grace.

All Senator Doors are supplied unfinished
Senator Doors - Guaranteed to add flair and individuality to any room they grace
Volume  Discounts available on all these doors  
Hardwood Regency 6 Panel Internal Door
Buy online at very special prices
Hardwood Hamlet Clear Bevel Glass Internal Door
Buy online at very special prices
  LPD Louis Hardwood Internal Door
Buy online at very special prices
Louis Riviera Clear Bevelled Glazed 6 Light internal door
Buy online at very special prices
6 Panel
Clear Bevel Glass
Internal Door
Clear Bevel
fr £99.75 + VAT fr £137.36 + VAT   fr £109.00 + VAT fr £137.36 + VAT  
Hardwood Pattern 10 Unglazed Internal Door
Buy online at very special prices
Hardwood Pair Pattern 20 Unglazed Internal Door
Buy online at very special prices
Victorian Full Panle With standard beading (non raised)
Buy online at very special prices
Regency Clear Bevel Glass Hardwood Door
Buy online at very special prices
Hardwood Downham Clear Bevel Glass
Buy online at very special prices
Pattern 10
Hardwood Pair
Pattern 20
Regency 4 Panel
fielded/shaped panel
standard beading (non raised)
Regency 4 Panel
standard beading (non raised)
Clear Bevel Glass
Clear Bevel Glass
fr £77.55 + VAT fr £114.55 + VAT fr £99.75 + VAT fr £153.00 + VAT fr £137.36 + VAT  
Volume  Discounts available on all these doors  
Hardwood SA 15L Clear Bevel Glass Internal Door
Buy online at very special prices
  Hardwood Imperial Clear Bevel Glass Internal Door
Buy online at very special prices
SA 15L
Clear Bevel Glass
Clear Bevel Glass
fr £127.50 + VAT   fr £172.34 + VAT      
Volume  Discounts available on all these doors


Main agents for LPD Interior Doors and LPD Exterior Doors

Having been at the forefront of importing and distributing internal and external doors for nearly 30 years, LPD know more than most that there’s much more to this business than simply selling a door.

In an ever more challenging market, LPD know more than ever before, buyers are placing far more emphasis on the standard of service they enjoy, which is precisely why LPD continue to strive to deliver a high quality customer service that’s comprehensively backed up by proactive after sales support with the personal touch. With the benefit of the invaluable experience gained from almost 3 decades of successful trading, LPD’ve also learned more than a thing or two about both the industry and the products LPD sell. Indeed LPD’d happily challenge anyone to put our expertise to the test.

With access to technical specifications and critical manufacturing capabilities and constraints, the LPD team are suitably qualified to recommend the most appropriate solution to fulfil the particular need. Pivotal to our continuing success is our unrelenting driving ethos to unremittingly deliver the highest possible quality ~ a word now synonymous with LPD Doors.

Forging close partnerships with some of the most technologically advanced manufacturers throughout the world, ensures the doors LPD source are more than capable of satisfying the most exacting specification criteria and aesthetic requirements. HoLPDver, LPD appreciate, particularly in the current climate, simply offering superior service, expertise and quality can’t always guarantee securing the sale. Today’s style and fashion conscious consumers increasingly insist on ever more choice. So, to satisfy their escalating demands, LPD constantly draw upon our unsurpassed LPDalth of experience to identify new techniques and production processes that, when allied to working with the most “fashionable” timbers, enables us to persistently push the boundaries for innovation and ensure LPD unfalteringly offer the most extensive, contemporary and all-embracing range available.

Of course, there’s one tradition even the most modern thinking customers still insist upon - good old-fashioned value for money - so you’ll be reassured to know that by harnessing our more than substantial buying poLPDr, LPD remain as competitive as ever.

What all this means to you is electing to place your business with LPD really does make sound commercial sense. So whenever you’re in the market for doors, always put our name in the frame first. You’ll find our ethos of offering far more than just a door remains our enduring commitment.

For many years now, the availability of raw materials has resulted in it being increasingly necessary for door manufacturers, importers and distributors to develop a more sustainable approach to the production of timber doors.

This has culminated in an increasing number of manufacturers producing doors using engineered components with a veneered and/or LVL facing. LPD work closely with our suppliers to ensure that this practice is executed in such a way that providing the doors are fully protected on all exposed/tooled parts from the climate and atmosphere using a suitable finishing product, you will enjoy many years of effective, enduring service from these technically superior products.

LPD must hoLPDver stress that the suitability of the chosen finishing product should be comprehensively verified with the manufacturer of the respective treatment to ensure validation of the robust LPD Guarantee.

Any products which remain as non-engineered construction, also require the same level of protection.

In order to continually improve our operating procedures and thereby impact positively on the environment, LPD are wholly committed
to the following Environmental Policy:

* To be fully compliant with all relevant environmental legislation associated with the Company's activities
* Wherever and whenever economically practicable, to endeavour to use environmentally safe materials
* Where feasible, to strive towards the continual reduction of all waste streams, to air, water and land
* Wherever commercially viable, to recycle and reuse any materials that would otherwise go to landfill
* To regularly monitor energy usage in order to reduce overall consumption
* To communicate the policy internally and place it in the public domain
* To establish and regularly review all environmental objectives in respect of this policy

LPD Interior Doors and LPD Exterior Doors



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